FeedbacK Golf:

Premier Video & Analysis Platform for Golf

Computer vision technology changes how golfers elevate their game through video collection, analysis and instruction. FeedbacK™ Golf is one of the most high-tech golf swing analysis products on the market today. FeedbacK: Collect is now available for purchase. FeedbacK: Analysis and Instruct will be released throughout 2014 to give golfers an enhanced way to collect, analyze and receive instruction on their swing.

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Computer vision techniques and automated voice control technology are merged to deliver a sleek, easy to use, hands-free way to COLLECT video on a mobile device.


Available Spring 2014

Proprietary, intelligent algorithms and professional knowledge are combined to provide an always-available, consistent, and personalized tool to ANALYZE your video.


Available Winter 2014

COLLECT ~ technology ~ and ANALYZE ~ knowledge ~ unite to wirelessly deliver personalized, adaptive coaching within moments of an action using our patent pending INSTRUCT application.

FeedbacK™ is a highly skilled team of engineers, programmers, analysts, and industry experts who push the boundaries of technology. FeedbacK™ develops analysis technologies that revolutionize the way we learn, teach and enjoy life. We deploy proprietary algorithms and computer vision techniques to deliver personalized, adaptive, instant-feedback coaching systems. Our flagship product is FeedbacK™ Golf for the United States.